Hair Transplant

We’re Leading the way for hair transplants

FUE Hair Transplantation has been recognized as the gold standard of permanent hair restoration for the last several years.  Our team of experts have helped thousands of people correct their hair loss with a completely natural look.  We welcome you to our clinics where we will transform your appearance with just one visit.

What is FUE Plus?

The newest technology addition to hair restoration techniques is FUE Plus which uses the science of stem cell therapy in combination with hair transplantation.  FUE Plus is done by transferring the patient’s live healthy stem cells and FDA approved Microvascular tissue into the scalp to repair microvascular blood flow and stimulate growth and repair in existing native follicles.

The result is denser native hair surrounding the transplanted follicles that is less susceptible to shedding.  This is critical for a patient’s long term success and avoiding future transplants.  FUE Plus shows significant effectiveness in research and this stem cell application has become commercially available at the Denver and Houston clinics.

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